How does grouping people with similar interests help us?

I have a debate tomorrow and I want to talk about communities, like the Kpop Community we have on tumblr. I have to show that having a community focused on Kpop will brings advantages to us…

but all I can think of is how much we can spazz about pictures XD HELP!? 

How does social network, grouping people with similar interets, allow for progress in what we do?

Any answer will be appreciated <3 omg you guis are awesoom <3

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  1. glacialfissure answered: I could say grouping people is like adding fertilizer to the seeds. It help builds this solid ground, which would only help the plant grow.
  2. shayrulezd00d answered: oh god all i can think of is spazing too haha. i think without all the people on here, i wouldnt have a deeper apperication for kpop. get it?
  3. stefunyz answered: I think grouping people with similar interests make people more comfortable opening up C: They’re not afraid to express and be themselves. :3
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